Great tips to go
from screen til creativity

Coronavirus has hit us, and most of us are left with a sense of powerlessness and an everyday life that none of us know the answer on how to shape. On one hand, it gives a small sense of relief to be at home, where some of the everyday things are loosened up, but on the other hand it creates fear and anxiety about the dire situation and the unknown consequences. At a very low practical level, it creates a panic in us, having to solve tasks while at the same time having a house full of children.

At Bloom Institute, we work every day to develop children's creative power.

We have put together our best ideas for you with the title "From Screen to Creativity."

These are 10 tips on how families can avoid tearing each other apart while at home, and instead revitalize the productive and playful family. We provide suggestions for practical ideas and input on how children and adults can play together during this special time.

From screen to creativity 
When we want to move children's attention away from the screen, it is about creating a magical universe in the everyday life that can cope with the universe they otherwise experience through their screens.

What is a magical universe? And why do we need to make everyday life magical? We as adults are experts in breaking the magical universe. We love to tell them that reality is the one we are a part of - and the other is just frivolous and junk.

When we want to get the kids off the screen, there are 2 things we must practice, among other things: Keeping the magic - not breaking it with irony, phones, and things that break the new universe that we have started together. To be as serious and attentive in the common magical universe as we are for example in our work.

It is demanding to keep the magic, you have to merge all everyday tasks into the universe that you, together have created. That is exactly what children are experts at. It is the essence of playing.

An added bonus of the game is that we adults become even better at our regular work by practicing to stay focused and aware of one universe at a time.


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