2. Build a store, a library, a restaurant

Building a store is a great framework for playing. A fun element that can easily include an everyday task such as cooking, eating together, conversations about homework, exhibiting creative productions, conversations about entrepreneurship etc.

Building a store requires no special things. For adults, it may be easier to stay in the magic universe if it simultaneously serves an everyday purpose. So find a task that everyone wants to solve, and create create the store around it eg. Build a restaurant and take advantage of all the tasks from shopping, cooking, decor and to the sensory experience while you eat. Distribute the tasks according to what you think are good for each person. Compliment each’s specialities for example: will you set the tables at our restaurant? I always think you set such a nice table . Or do you want to cover a table, I have never seen you cover a table exactly as you yourself think it looks nice and I am very curious about it. Prepare yourself for the fact that it will it takes longer than usual - but when you stay in the universe yourself, you quickly forget about time and place and then brand new magic arisefs.



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